Incense Mulberry by Aromar

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Apple Cinnamon is a universally loved, warm and cozy scent that customers are sure to embrace. Perfect for homes, offices, or gifting, this festive favorite flies off shelves at a record pace.

Incense have long been used to scent spiritual spaces like meditation rooms, yoga studios, and places of worship. In recent years, they have become increasingly popular for use in homes and businesses. Choosing incense to fragrance your space elevates the impact of your chosen scent by providing a calm, positive, and sensual atmosphere. Burning incense is a quick and easy way to incorporate aromatherapy and enhance the mood of those who enter your space. 

Hand-dipped artisanal incense sticks for wholesale.

How It Works: 

Simply light the end of your incense sticks and allow the slow stream of smoke to gently waft into the air. Place stick into a burner for continuous use. Snuff to extinguish or allow the stick to burn out on its own.

Why It Works: 

When choosing incense, quality is top priority. Our wholesale incense are hand-dipped, luxury quality, and made in the USA. Our wholesale incense warehouse is located in the USA to ensure premium quality and consistency.

Features: 60 Minute Burning Time

  • USA Made
  • Low Investment & High Profit Margin
  • Relaxing Aromatherapy

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