Aromar Scents sachet for collection

Aromar Scents sachet bags will truly maintain a fresh and clean smell almost anywhere, Here are some helpful tips on how to use Scented Sachets:

  • Place sachet bag into a drawer or cabinet.
  • On vacation place it in your luggage to keep clothes fresh while traveling!
  • Place in your sports bag or gym bag.
  • Have a sweet sleep when you place sachet bag under your pillow and in you're bedding storage.
  • Sachets convenient Packaging provides Eco-friendly, safe, no smoke, no flame scented Smell .

Place Aromar Sachets Packets to create a special aromatherapy experience everywhere; in a laundry hamper,  wardrobe storage bins, linen closet, under the seat of your car, and More! 


Aromars great variety of fragrances makes it easy to
Choose multiple scent options and enjoy a variety of aromas.