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Try out the perfect blend of fragrances of cherries and almonds from Rocket Scent. Cherry Almond Air Freshener is a concentrated scent which is strong and effective for every space. Manufactured with 100% oil base, it leaves you with long lasting and awe-inspiring fragrance.

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Rocket Scent Cherry Almond Air Freshener- Ignites Excitement With Captivating Aroma

Cherry Almond helps fighting back those unpleasant odors in your home and office, meanwhile adding a pleasing light fragrance which lasts longest. Yes, you don’t need to keep spraying over and over; just a couple sprays will last for days to come.

  • Made using natural and concentrated essential oils. 
  • Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or aerosol products.
  • Treat your sense with calmness and positive energy.
  • 100 % made in USA.
  • Can be used for areas such as care homes, hotels, reception areas, offices, meeting rooms, school classrooms, etc.

Make sure you don’t confuse these versions of BODY OILS with the originals designers name trademark as there is no affiliation with the manufacturer/designer.

However, these are environmental- friendly and efficient enough to eliminate all unpleasant odors. Get a boost of instant freshness now!

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