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Now discover a world of pure scent with Rocket Scent Cool Water. It is a concentrated air freshener which tantalizes your senses with its exotic aroma. This glamorous air freshener is now exclusive available at Aromar.

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No more you need to bear those unpleasant smells! Rocket Scent Cool Water combats those foul odors which are frequently found lurking in bathrooms and musky offices.

Yes, for all those disagreeable smells floating around, all you need is this small bottle for concentrated air freshener. While the major benefit is to eliminate odors, there are many others you must know;

  • Powerful scent.
  • Safe for environ.
  • Boosts your mood.
  • Generates better sleep.
  • Offers an airy and light scent for your home and work space.
  • Made with 100% concentrated oil.
  • Can be used for any smelly area including living areas, bath spaces, offices, kitchens, stores, etc.

Enriched with natural fragrances, it delivers a scent which lasts for days. This spray is all you need for an aromatic space.

 (Note: Don’t confuse it with the originals designers name trademark. There is no affiliation with the designer’s manufacturers.)

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