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What if you get a room scent which offers you a blend of three aromas in one bottle?

Rocket Scent Fresh Linen commingles fragrances of pure white flowers, lean laundry, and bright sunshine to serve you with a perfume which stays for the longest. Now your home will have the freshness you love.

Get it from Aromar and awash your home in fresh and clean linen scent.

Rocket Scent Fresh Linen- Clean, Fresh, And Invigorating Air Freshener

Want to keep your home smelling fresh and inviting? The concentrated air freshener Fresh Linen from Rocket Scent comes to your rescue. While it fits easily into your pocket, it can be used for all your spaces.

  • 100% Concentrated Oil Base: You will get a freshener which is composed of essential oil base.
  • Longest Lasting: Just a few spray and you will have freshness for the longest. It won’t magically disappear after a while.
  • Safe To Use: Say good-bye to those aerosol based sprays. You will enjoy the ultimate refreshment with this no-alcohol and no-toxin element.
  • Top Notch Quality: We never compromise on quality and offer you the finest fragrance for your room.

Use it for living areas, bath spaces, kitchens, stores, or working area, it suits your every need.

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