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Remember the exciting and rewarding experience of buying a brand new car? Here is a Concentrated Air Freshener from Rocket Scent which helps you recreate that similar sensation and excitement. New Car Scent is a perfect air freshener and odor eliminator which fits every space.

You can buy this unique fragrance at Aromar.

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New Car Scent- A Fantastic Concentrated Air Freshener

For those who adore the smell of the 'new car' will love this exclusive fragrance. Reason being, it features scent of fresh unfettered upholstery, solid grip of a clean steering wheel, and crisp click of a brand new seat belt buckle.

So, it is now possible to sustain that same scent and keep the feeling with you for as long as you want it to be. Just don’t confuse it with the originals designers name trademark as there is no affiliation with the designer’s manufacturers.

  • High quality air freshener formulated with an aroma engineered to smell just like a new car.
  • A spray for your every room and car.
  • Natural enzymatic air freshener; no toxin element and no alcohol.
  • New revolutionary formulation with 100% concentrated oil base.
  • Offers strong deodorizing capabilities which last longest.

So, spray it wherever you want and slip into the feeling of a brand new car.

And now you get 100% money back guarantee!

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