When it comes to buying a perfect air freshener, it can be bit challenging. To make a right decision, you need to know what all to consider while choosing a scent for your space. You have landed right. Here’s some help!

Do you know 75% of emotions are triggered by smell?

So, whether it is for your home or workplace, if you want to entertain your guests and keep them happy, you need to ensure that the space is scented. Now you have many options like tropical air fresheners, concentrated perfume oils, and scented oil burners.

However, when it comes to most efficient and effective results, you can go for concentrated and oil based air fresheners. Reason being these are safe to use and fills you room with magical aroma instantly. But if you really wish to impress your guests, make sure you choose the finest fragrances. Wondering how?

Here are listed some points to consider;

Trust Your Senses

Simply start recalling what kind of fragrances you have loved since your childhood. It isn’t actually something difficult. Just think about what kind of smells make you happy (and your family too).

It can be a scent which takes you back to good old holidays or something that reminds you of being cozy. All you need to do is take inspiration from what makes you happy and determine what will go best for your room.

Quality First

The golden rule is never compromise quality for cost. There are many cheap and offensive fragrances available these days. Remember that price isn’t always the main determining factor. When it comes to the best air freshener, keep quality at priority. You will get some of the best options at a reasonable price.

Keep Everyone Happy

If you are considering it for your home, you must ensure that it is loved by everyone. For instance, you adore musty oak smells but your kids prefer something fruity, don’t overlook their choice. You need to try something that keeps everybody happy. In case, you find that you and other family members have very different tastes in fragrance, pick one which is fairly low-key and inoffensive. Some good choices can be mint, grass, or new-car smell. Additionally, avoid heavy or overly sweet fragrances.

Long-Lasting Options

Definitely, you don’t want something which would last for just a couple of days. There can be nothing more frustrating than buying an air freshener which becomes a useless bottle after some days. To avoid this, look for scent which guarantees a time period of freshness.

A Seasonal Approach

Choosing a long lasting scent doesn’t mean that you need to stick with it all year. You must go for new fragrance products for every season. For example, in summer choose light fruity scents like strawberry, coconut, peach or vanilla. Similarly for chilly winter days prefer a citrus spice, cinnamon, chocolate, or something which resonates with Christmassy flavor. It will warm you up nicely!

With these you are good to go. Make a wise decision and enjoy a fragrant space.