Of all the basic necessities of human, maybe air is the foremost to consider. The bad quality of air is the major problem the world is heading at. It is just not the outside but the indoors are also getting polluted due to so many reasons that we tend to ignore. It comes into consideration only when it starts affecting you medically.

Home Air Quality


A recent release by United Nation's World Health Organisations' report says, "Air pollution levels remain dangerously high in many parts of the world. New data from WHO shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants. Updated estimations reveal an alarming death toll of 7 million people every year caused by ambient (outdoor) and household air pollution."

It also says that "Air pollution threatens us all, but the poorest and most marginalized people bear the brunt of the burden," says Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO. “It is unacceptable that over 3 billion people – most of them women and children – are still breathing deadly smoke every day from using polluting stoves and fuels in their homes. If we don’t take urgent action on air pollution, we will never come close to achieving sustainable development.”


When the outdoor is like this, the indoors have their own source of dangers. Usually, at home, you are vulnerable to many gases like:

Common indoor air pollutants include:

  • Second-Hand Smoke: It is the smoke that comes out from a cigarette and the exhaled smoke. It is a serious indoor air pollutant and can lead to many medical conditions like Asthma, Ear Infections, and even SIDS.
  • Radon: There have been numerous cases of Radon Presence in the American Households. It is a dangerous gas pollutant and has been declared as the second leading cause of Lung Cancer. You might be inviting Radon through house cracks and other improper sealed openings.
  • The improper vented fuel-burning appliances like space heaters or wood stoves and even the gas stoves, water heaters, dryers, and fireplaces contribute in the category of Combustion Pollutants which release Carbon Monoxides and Nitrogen Dioxides.

First Takes:

You must need to take care of few things like:

  • Stop Smoking Indoors.
  • Seal all the visible cracks.
  • Keep the vents clean, or make a habit of cleaning it in regular intervals.
  • Keep the appliances maintained or service it in regular intervals.

Domestic Foul Smells:

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