Looking forward to update your living room?

There are many way out- new flooring, furniture and wall color. For an ideal home makeover, there is no end to do list. People are nowadays spending a reasonably good amount on home improvement projects. Do you know US improvement and maintenance expenditure came to 340 billion dollars in 2015? It’s a really huge amount!

However, not all are ‘ok’ with the idea of spending too much.

Are you working on limited time and budget? But want to make a revamp out of the living space?

For homemakers like you, here are listed top 7 inexpensive ideas which can make big changes happen. Have a look:

Rearrangement of the furniture

You might not have to invest a single penny for this one. All you have to do is plan for a new furniture arrangement. It can do wonders in updating your living room's look and functionality. Ask a friend for help in planning, and start moving pieces around. Make sure you find an easy-to-flow arrangement, offering enough space for conversing and watching TV.

furniture rearrangement

 Placement of eye-catching vignettes

For the least expensive update, try creating an attention-grabbing element. For instance, you can round up like-colored accessories, making a pleasing vignette on your coffee or console table. Actually, grouping similar accessories together will make it appear like a collection, offering a bigger design impact. 

living room

 Create an artistic wall shelf

What is the most boring part of your room? Of course, those blank walls are the major reason making a room look dull. Even when decorating a small house on a budget, you can add in more style to a wall by creating a geometric or artistic book shelf. It will serve to be an interesting feature to the blank space.

Artistic Wall Shell

 Make paper lampshades

Nothing could be cuter and cheaper solution to decorate an apartment than creating your own paper lampshades. It is a perfect idea to hang few paper lampshades over your existing lights. The best part is that it works with almost any type of décor style. Whether you choose modern or rustic, white lampshades offer a great style. Checkout this video:

 Let in the light

More light is never a bad idea. So you can consider swapping heavy curtains with simpler blinds. It will make your room appear much larger with more daylight coming in. And blinds are less expensive than curtains; it’s a win-win. For the night time, you can add in some more lights. Or if you want to create a soothing environment, you can switch to oil burners too. While these are in your budget, these work ideally to make your space fragrant, offering that dim light to create a perfect ambiance.

Light In the living room

 Go green

This is the basic slogan every homemaker follow these days. You can invest a little amount to buy those decorative plants which survive well inside your apartment. Even adding a potted plant in the corner of your living room will bring a refreshing feel to the space. To add in more, you can try a good, cost-friendly air freshener, like rain forest, fresh linen, or mountain spring, to fill in the fresh, green-like aroma.

Go green

 So, no more you need to sick of your space. The power of these few small change is really big. Try them and enjoy a newer, beautiful living area.

In case, we missed on something or you have a unique idea, don’t forget to mention in the comment section below.