Just imagine you are all decked up in your favorite black, short dress, with the most appropriate makeup, and designer jewelry. But none of your friends get closer to you. And the reason is that you are not smelling that good.

“The right scent can make you feel a little more stylish, but it should never eclipse who you are. It should complement who you are.”

~ Justin Timberlake

Truly said!

Your fragrance defines you. For this you must carry a special note which not only smells fantastic but also stays with you for a longer time. Even if you are buying one of those expensive body perfumes available, there are chances for them escaping in the moment of need.

There are many other reasons to choose one for you right now.

Why should I buy scented body oil?

  • No overpowering: Despite of the fact that these come with higher concentration and smell stronger, these are less likely to leave behind a trail. For those who wish to skip overbearing fragrances, you will love them.
  • Longer lasting: It is all due to the actual perfume elements and extracts in body oils which make the more concentrated. Plus, these are not alcohol-based. As these oils tend to stick to your skin and linger with you long, these are just perfect.
  • Least irritating: The presence of alcohol and other dehydrating chemicals in those easily available perfumes can cause irritation and dryness. So, if you are a person with dry skin, you might have a hard time wearing scent. You can try body oils which have some moisturizing properties and are safe to use.
  • Cost effective: Being packaged as roller balls, these avoid wastage up to a great extent. Basically, these are applied to warm areas like inside of your elbow, wrists, behind your ears, etc. So you can apply them in little amount and save more. 

After such amazing benefits of using these oils, you must be wondering for how to get the most out your perfume oils.

Where to use aromatic body oils for maximum effect?

 So far you might have been using them over your wrists or and collarbones. But there are many other spots where perfume application can result efficacious. Find out some of them here:

  • Inside Elbows: Yes, your pulse points will be one of the most optimal spots to wear perfume oil. As this part of your body tends to emit heat, it encourages the fragrance to develop more quickly. It leaves you with breathtaking aroma.
  • Behind Knees: Coming to the next pulse point, roll it a little on the skin behind your knees. This would be the best thing when you are wearing those shorts or a dress.
  • Belly Button: Sounds silly? But this really works. Actually, your navel is centrally located and has a unique shape. Thus, it makes your belly button a great spot for perfume. If you apply it in the morning, the aroma is going to last whole day long.

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