Diffuser Spa All White Cone Ultrasonic in White by Aromar

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Aromar Spa All White Cone Diffuser is for the aromatherapy enthusiasts who can do without all the frills. Who want to experience their aromatherapy routine with a simple ultrasonic diffuser that blends seamlessly with any room’s décor.

This diffuser is cone shaped, with a narrow top and smooth surface, and features a crisp white base. Experience authentic aromatherapy by diffusing our natural line of essential oils, our Black Label series.

All About Aromar Ultrasonic Diffusers:

  • Water capacity: 80 ml
  • 3-4 hours of continuous mist
  • Choose from continuous mist and interval timer settings
  • Quiet, gentle operation is subtle and perfectly discreet
  • Set the mood with multicolor led lights, choose from 7 vivid colors
  • Safety auto-shutoff when water runs out
  • No flames, no wax, no mess – safer for use at night and around children than scented candles
  • Includes USB cable and adapter
  • Assured quality: Aromar never compromises on quality – that’s why every product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


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