Who doesn’t cherish the aroma of the incense sticks? The puff released from the incense sticks fills your heart and nostrils with peace and tranquility. Incense sticks are the most popular type of incense that is truly mesmerizing and are usually available in two types:

  • Those with bamboo cores and
  • Those that are composed entirely of incense.

However, there are certain specific incense sticks that are used for special purposes. So, before purchasing an incense stick, make up your mind that for what purpose you need it.

 What are the best incense sticks that you can go ahead with?

Smelling a delightful aroma can be a very pleasurable experience. Make this experience utopian by buying the best incense stick that suits your mood and purpose.

  • Best incense scent for meditation

Aloeswood and Sandalwood are most recommended scents meant for meditation purpose only. Sandalwood produces a calm and tranquil environment that is perfect for any sort of medication at home. On the other hand, it is said that inhalation of Aloeswood is equivalent to half hour meditation session.

Incense Sticks for Meditation

When it comes to cost, Aloeswood is expensive and is not easily available, whereas Sandalwood fragrance is considered as cheap and best.

  • Energy lifters

Remaining exhilarated for an entire day is an ideal condition for a human being. If you wish to remain in this state of mind, orange, lemon, and other citrus scents are the perfect choices for you. They are considered to be as great energy lifters. Try to find the incense sticks in which ingredients are present in concentrated form as they last longer.

  • Relieving anxiety or tension

If you intend to buy incense stick for the purpose to get a relief from anxiety and tension, Patchouli is a good choice. It is used at a high rate in the perfume industry and is known to exhibit aphrodisiac properties.

Stress Relieving Incense Sticks

Using patchouli incense at your home will help you to lift your mood and relieve any sort of anxiety or tension. Apart from bringing a smile to your face, patchouli has been into usage since ages as a mosquito repellent too.

  • Romantic

The one fragrance that needs no introduction when it comes to romance is Rose. It is a romantic, sweet and soothing fragrance that can bring a deeper element to your emotions. It boosts emotions of love, compassion, and devotion paving way for a sense of security and spiritual attunement.

When the question arises- Where can you buy incense sticks, make sure that you choose a quality brand because a low-quality product can cause irritation and myriad of other side-effects not good for your health. When it comes to quality brand, your search ends at Aromar. Choose your favorite fragrance from Aromar and fill your home and heart with peace and tranquility.