An air freshener is not a luxury; else it is a necessity of the car. Just like the speakers of the car, it is one of the vital parts of the car that makes a car complete. The demand for air fresheners is increasing and it is evident from the fact that car air freshener market in North America is growing at an annual growth rate of 3.65% from 2014 to 2020.

A research states that an average American spends 101 minutes driving a car which is five times the amount spent on sports and any other exercise. Hence, it becomes inevitable to make this part of the journey entirely healthy and comfortable. Even a study reveals that smell can trigger your emotions more effectively than the music.


Car Air Freshener

 So, it becomes highly important to choose a perfect air freshener for your car. Follow the tips mentioned in the article to get an air freshener that suits you and your car.

  • Is it Safe to Your Health?

Health should be your top-most priority while looking for air freshener. No doubt, air fresheners perform their job perfectly by creating a soothing and pleasant car atmosphere. But before spending your bucks on it, make sure that it is safe too.

Just look for the ingredients present in the air freshener and infer whether the product is made from a natural source or it is an outcome of various chemicals. You may be allergic to the few chemicals present in the air freshener. Hence, it is advised not to buy a product that contains allergic ingredients.

  • Will your fragrance last long?

Always there are two things floating in mind of a person who wishes to buy a car air freshener- either they need it for a quick fix, or for a long-term solution. One needs an air freshener for a quick fix to get rid of bad odor quickly; hence the aerosol type is a good option. However, if you wish to carve out long-term effectiveness from air fresheners, go ahead with vent sticks, plug-in fresheners or oil wicks.

  • Follow the Reviews

You can always follow the user experience if you are confused to make a decision on which air freshener you should choose. It is recommended to consult with your friends and other people, read reviews online to learn from their experience before finalizing a decision. Compare the alternatives and choose the best of them.

  • Change your thinking with changing the season

Long lasting air freshener does not imply that you stick to same air freshener till you buy the new car. Change is inevitable and you do not need to choose one scent and stick with it all year. Change your scents with changing season. For instance, in summer, you can go ahead with a fragrance like a coconut, strawberry or vanilla. In springtime, you can choose any scent that makes you feel fresh or flowery. In winters, chocolate, citrus spice or cinnamon flavor will warm up your mood.

 The air freshener for the car not just makes you feel comfortable and pleasant, but nowadays, it is also considered as a perfect medium to showcase your emotions.You may have got startled to know this application of air-freshener, but the truth was revealed when a paparazzi photo Kane West getting into his car captured a tiny air-freshener of his wife’s face (Kim Kardashian) hanging from the rear view mirror of his car.